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The Environment & Motorsport

The very nature of burning fossil fuels for our own personal enjoyment, is by definition selfish. However, whilst not advocating a loss of life’s small pleasures, our actions should be accountable and reduce the impact on others.

As a member of the 7 Race Series, your registration fee includes a surcharge to offset your carbon footprint over and above the emissions produced whilst you are qualifying and racing at all Championship events. This contribution is funding the Global Portfolio VCS certified carbon reduction programme across the World, via a range of projects that include carbon avoidance and clean & renewable energy generation

No if’s, no but’s, we are all part of the problem, but you are now small part of the solution.

Marshals & Motorsport

Without the continued support from the British Motorsport Marshals Club we would not be racing, therefore we need to support them, so that they continue to support us.

Annual costs include a £20/year BMMC membership, marshals have to get themselves to events and a fire-retardant suit is over £70. It’s long overdue and time we all acknowledge their efforts.

As a member of the 7 Race Series £25 of your membership will be given as a contribution to the BMMC. Additional donations are always welcome and if you feel that you wish to contribute more then please let us know.